I generally love two things about Pattaya: the food and the accommodations. Both are available in abundant supply, and in great variety.

I currently live in the Philippine Islands, and I travel to Pattaya for business and recreation fairly often. The two things that the Philippines seem to lack are exactly the two things I love most about Pattaya. Rooms here are usually dated and somewhat uncomfortable. Of course, in Manila or Cebu you can find more upscale hotel choices, but at reasonable rates, and in other areas, they are definitely lacking. The same thing with food. You simply don’t have the range of choices here. Every restaurant in my area seems to offer the same things. Only two places have a decent menu that strays from the norm.

In Pattaya, however, you can find a place to stay that exactly meets your needs. I’ve stayed in budget guest houses and hostels (years ago – like in the early 1980’s), and I’ve stayed in many mid-range hotels – 3-star level, I guess. On one trip, I decided to splurge and pamper myself a little, and rented a private condo right on the beach. That was a lot of fun, and surprisingly, it wasn’t much more money that staying in a hotel. Plus, I had the privacy factor going for me.

Nong Apartments Pattaya Thailand

The Garden Residences at Nong Apartments

Pattaya has an abundance of apartment rentals, whether privately owned single family units, or as part of an “apartelle”. One of those is Nong Apartments. Nong Apartments has some great rooms at great prices. You get the privacy of apartment living with the service of a hotel. Nong’s prices start at only $35 a day, so you really can’t go wrong. The Nong Apartments are near 2nd Road and Soi 13, so you get a nice quiet place to stay, a few minutes walk from the beach and from Walking Street. It’s also close to the best Pattaya Shopping areas. It’s right on the baht bus route, so getting around town is cheap and easy.

I’ve normally stayed at the Eastiny 7 Hotel on Soi 7. It’s right in the middle of all the beer bars and they have great service and great rooms at a great price. Pretty great, huh? Just up Soi 7 is a really good (great?) restaurant that has a huge menu of Thai, American, British and German food, and super low prices. I can’t remember the name of the place (sorry!) but it’s just up Soi 7 from Eastiny Seven on the right side. I think it’s on the very next corner, and has the big outside seating area street-side. If anyone can remember the name please leave a comment and I’ll update the post. Woohoo! Google Maps to the rescue! The Restaurant is called Rosie O’Grady’s and is a great deal. Tasty, too.