Retire in Thailand EBookI would love to retire in Thailand. I’ve never lived in Thailand. I’ve only visited, and the longest visit (so far) was for a full month. I’ve been there 8 times in total, and plan to go back as often as I can.

I’d love to live in Thailand for a longer time. It’s hard to get to know the culture or really understand the people when you only visit. For one, there’s not enough time. Two, there are too many distractions when you are living as a tourist. You know you only have a couple weeks or so, and you want to do as much as possible in that time. So, you do all the “tourist” stuff, or hang out in the thousands of bars, gogos, and night clubs. You spend a little time at the pool or on the beach, but don’t ever really experience the culture – everyone treats tourists differently, and it’s to be expected. Why would they create a relationship with someone they know will be gone in a week or two?

Retiring in Thailand is definitely the way to go. But, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before I even think about such a big move. It’s a major lifestyle change! Culture shock can be difficult to overcome. I know this, as I’ve experienced it many, many times. After traveling the world for over 30 years, I’ve become somewhat immune to the changes in lifestyle, and I adapt very quickly. Except when it comes to food and water – I always get a little ill during my first week or two!

I stumbled across a great e-book this morning called “Secrets to Retiring in Thailand”. I will not promote or share anything I havn’t used myself, so I bought it and have spent the last few hours pouring over every chapter. Well, I skimmed a lot, as I’m not yet interested in things like retirement visas or work permits. I know I’d be living on a tourist visa for another 10 years. I’m guessing the retirement visa laws will change by then, so I’m not in a hurry. Anyway, the amount of detailed information in this guide is incredible. The guide covers topics like retirement visas, work permits, how and where to live, budgeting, and finding romance and love. It’s the real deal.

There’s only one thing I don’t really love about this guide. The web site you purchase from is called “retire on $550 a month”. While it certainly can be done, in Thailand or the Philippines and a few other great places, not many people I know really want to live that way. It’s a good life, no doubt. But I like creature comforts like a car and air conditioning and HD cable TV, and since I’m still working, I need fast internet access. I also like going out on the town now and then. All these things cost money. A more realistic amount of money to budget per month, in my mind, would be $1,500. Of course, this depends on your individual needs. The good thing about this guide is all of this is explained in detail. I just think the web site name could be a little more appropriate.

With that being said, the web site is 100% safe and is a no BS site. The actual sale is handled by ClickBank, a very well known and experienced company that handles many sales for independant publishers. I’ve used them many times without worry.

If you have plans to retire in Thailand, or even just want to live there for more than a week or two, I highly recommend you pick up this excellent guide.